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Our eco friendly and bio degradable petal confetti is made from a huge variety of petals and flowers all grown here in our Scottish fields. They are 100% natural with no added dyes. This is a mix of all the colours we can find!

We sell this by the litre and each litre contains approximately 10 hands full 

It is fair to assume that 3/4 of your guests will be confetti throwers so if you have 80 guests, 60 will throw confetti and you need to order 6 litres. We recommend ordering no more than 3 months in advance and confetti needs to be kept in the dark to prevent the colours fading - back of the wardrobe is perfect.

Also lovely to decorate your venue by scattering in the centre of tables or using to line an aisle - if you need advice just contact us.

For more information see our blog post here

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