Frequently Asked Questions

What is your exclusivity clause all about? We have an exclusivity clause in our terms and conditions. If you would like to use our buckets (that is what the buckets are for) or family & friends would like to provide some of the flowers etc we are more than happy with this - we are delighted to see personal touches added to your event. We are not happy to see other wedding suppliers such as prop hire companies adding to (or taking away from) the floristry at your event. If you require extra buckets of foliage etc just ask - ours will be of top quality and be in keeping with the rest of the florals.

Why won't you add floristry to other companies props? This is not just to be a nuisance - many, many times we have arrived on site to find props missing, being put up late, substandard and ocassionally, frankly dangerous. We know the weight that we will be adding with our flowers etc and are happy to take responsibility only when we are using and installing using our own props. We are fully insured and know the correct (and safe) way to install props. Believe us, falling hoops, tumbling crates and subsiding arches are not problems that you need to deal with on your wedding day! If your heart is set on a particular prop that we dont appear to have, please ask us. We may well have it or can source it ourselves so we can take responsibility for it.

How many buckets will we need? We estimate that each bucket provides enough material for approximately 12 jam jar type arrangements. Obviously if you are using all large jars or filling them very full you will need more buckets.

How long does it take to make my own arrangements? We allow at least 1 hour to arrange 1 bucket of flowers into jam jars, and we are very fast. You will need to strip leaves and cut stems so will need plenty of time or plenty of help.

Will I need any equipment to make my own arrangements? Apart from the obvious vases or vessels you will need secateurs. Floristry scissors and a large bin bag are also a good idea.

What flowers will come in my buckets? We cannot specify any particular blooms in buckets – they contain a mixture of flowers, foliage and herbs and we pick whatever is looking good on the day. We do, of course, take your colour preferences into account.

Can I collect my flowers? You are welcome to collect flowers from us in Freuchie and this can save a delivery fee. You will need to consider the space available in the car. Most buckets like to travel in the back seat footwells and jars can travel in plastic plant pot holders in the boot. Flowers can be collected 1 or 2 days before the wedding if you have somewhere cool and dry to keep them.

If I want a specific bloom can you get it for me? Absolutely. We belong to a national network of British flower growers and are constantly sourcing flowers from each other. We are also happy to buy imported flowers if needed and have great contacts with flower wholesalers. You must remember, however, that flowers and foliage are natural products and are therefore subject to variations outwith our control. We may not be able to get the exact shade you want, indeed a whole variety of flowers or an entire farm may be wiped out due to difficult weather conditions and a multitude of other reasons. For these reasons we do not and can not guarantee any particular item. We will of course do our absolute best and will always supply an equally beautiful alternative. This is very fundamental to the way in which we work.

Can I send you a picture and you copy it? This is just about exactly what we dont do! Our flowers are bespoke and we like to believe that all couples, brides, businesses and recipients are unique and deserve flowers that reflect their personalities and style. We use pictures as inspiration to interpret your vision not as a prescription. Other florists do offer a prescriptive service and we are happy to refer you to them.

Can the flowers be moved from ceremony to reception? We love you to get the best value from our flowers and re-using them helps ensure you do this. If you wish to re-use the flowers by moving them from one venue to another, or within the venue let us know this early on - if we know they are to be moved we will do all we can to make this easy (though it sometimes isn't). We can do this for you but will charge for waiting time as well as the moving fee. It is usually the venue staff that do this but please let them know what is required. If you have some trusty helpers to do this for you then make sure that they are ‘on task’ and fully understand what is required. Please note that we are not responsible for any damage that occurs during the moving unless it is us who move them!

Can I get my booking fee back if I change my mind? No. The booking fee is deducted from the total balance but is not refundable if you decide not to go ahead for any reason. The sending of the booking fee implies that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of our business. Please note that these FAQs also form part of the terms and conditions.

Do I need to have a face to face meeting? Most of the weddings we are involved with do not include a face to face meeting. With the help of lots of pictures, phone calls and email we can get a good idea of what you are looking for and the styles that you like. If you are more comfortable meeting up this is no problem and this can take place either in our workshop, at the venue or at a suitable other location (usually a coffee shop with cake!). If you need more than one meeting, we will charge separately for that.

Why should I tell you my budget? Many people are reluctant to reveal their budget for flowers but it is essential to be open about this from the start. Even if you don’t have a specific budget at least consider how much you would be comfortable spending on your flowers. We need to have a figure to aim at before giving you a price. Each year we make plenty of table arrangements – these range from £30 to over £300 so we really need to know where you would be happy on this range. Revealing the budget does not make the flowers more expensive – it ensures that you get best value for your money, focussing on your priorities for your wedding.

Are you happy to work with a wedding planner? In short, absolutely not. We like to interact with our clients directly. The involvement of a third party removes this direct understanding. If you have a co-ordinator or planner or hire one during your wedding or event planning process we are happy to inform them of what we have agreed with you but you are our client and we will not accept 3rd party instruction. Many excellent florists are happy to provide the more prescriptive service required by a planner and we are happy to refer you to them.

Can I remove or add items from, or to, my order? Yes you can. We know it is impssible to be accurate in your order before all your RSVPs come in. Please note though that removing items from your order may affect the price of other items in your order. This is because any items bought in are generally purchased in minimum numbers called wraps. We have to pay for the entire 'wrap' even if we only end up using half of it. Conversly adding to the order may work to your advantage as we may be able to use up wraps that would otherwise have been excess. Talk to us and be honest about your budget!

 Please note that these FAQs form part of our terms and conditions and should be read as such.