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  1. Choosing a moon gate as your wedding arch, ceremony backdrop, photo backdrop or whatever you decide to call it is a great choice and offers endless possibilities for framing your wedding day. After using the moon gate as a stunning ceremony backdrop why not consider using it as a top table backdrop or as a frame for your cake or dessert table? Our moon gate is easy to move and very stable so is perfect to multi purpose. It is also a good choice to use here in Scotland when the weather can sometimes make it hard to predict if the ceremony will be indoors or outside - last minute moving is fine for this one.

    We have gathered together some of our favourite pinterest inspiration pictures to help you get a feel for the moongate possibilities!


     A classy and classic moongate. This partial cover with addition of woven branches would also work well with just foliage. You could also substitute the branches for fabric wrapped and draped for a softer, less rustic look.


     Another partially covered moongate showing how well they look indoors as well as out. Again more foliage and less flowers would be a great option.



     We do love this moongate although it is perhaps, a little overdone for some tastes - however it does show how fab a moongate can look with things hanging - candles, Christmas baubles, flower heads, dream catchers, macrame, origami cranes...............



     One of our all time favourite moongate inspo pictures! This is just gorgeous in every way and perfect indoors or out. Would also look fabby with blossom in spring.



     So pretty and just perfect for all barn, garden, byre, village hall, byre, shed, you name it venues! We love all the brights and this just shouts joyful celebration!



     Another gorgeous moongate decked out in autumn foliage but would be equally lush in full on summer greenery.



     This year ( and probably for lots of years to come) is all about PAMPAS and this arch shows why. It is soft and fluffy but not too girly that many a man would not want to be involved!



    Another winner showing that a moongate works well inside and out. This one in soft, moody colours with plenty of foliage is just stunning.



     Simple and beautifully finished with moss and candles; consider using a moongate as an entrance to your wedding venue. So stunning as a first look photo op for your guests.



    These are just a few of our favourites but the options are literally endless with a moongate. It re-purposes well and is definitely an item that adds the wow to your wedding.

  2. Confetti

    As wedding and events florists we are lucky enough to be sent a huge number of wedding photos. We love seeing them all but we often notice that the most joyful and natural photo of the big day is the 'confetti shot'. There is something about throwing hands full of glorious dried petals at your friends and loved ones which, apparently, brings out the inner child in many of us. Because of the resultant mess it makes, most venues will not allow the throwing of any confetti except dried petal confetti - this is not a problem though, because, as confetti experts, we believe dried petal confetti is the very best confetti you can get!!

    As flower growers we use most of our blooms to make our wild and romantic wedding arrangements but, in an effort to use all our hard grown flowers, we also make dried petal and flowers confetti.

    We have learnt a thing or two about confetti over the years; the first one seems to be that when it comes to buying confetti it is difficult to decide what to buy and, in particular, how much, so this is our quick guide to buying confetti

    1. throw your colour scheme out of the window - lots of different, bright colours make the best confetti photos as the colours show against even the palest dresses (bride!)

    2. choose a mix that has a mixture of sizes of petal so that they fall at differing speeds giving a longer 'in the air' time. The smaller, lighter petals are the slowest to fall and give a lovely fluttering.

    3. Buy your confetti a couple of months in advance and keep it in a safe place in the dark - the colours fade in daylight so back of the wardrobe is ideal.

    4. we find a basket is the best way to hand round the confetti - this enables committed throwers to take a couple of hands full. Some prefer cones but it leaves a lot of litter to be dealt with and there is always so much left over as no one takes more than 1 cone - don't give yourself an extra headache - stick to baskets!

    5 many men don't/wont  throw confetti! There are, of course, many exceptions but most men seem reluctant to grab and throw the way women do - encourage the men in your life to join in the party!

    6 to work out how much you need 1 litre of dried petal confetti gives roughly 10 hands full of confetti. In our experience about 3/4 of your guests will throw confetti so if you have 80 guests, buy confetti for 60 of them.You will get 60 hands full from 6 litres of dried petal confetti.

    7. tell your photographer that the confetti shot is important to you so they can direct the count down to throwing!

    Hopefully these 7 tips will help on your confetti quest. Look for confetti on our website or in our etsy shop - little bee and the owl.