Double Apex Arch

We can't descride how much we love our dark stained double apex arch - use it double as a ceremony backdrop or split it up to make a ceremony entrance and backdrop. For inspiration on how to use it check out here


Coming soon - driftwwod arch

Circular arch made from driftwood



Our gorgeous matt black moongate can be finished in soo many ways. Have a look at our inspiration notes here

Easy to transport and put up, it is perfect indoors or out and can be 'walked through'


Copper Arch

Our double copper arch is the perfect arch for a ceremony or photo backdrop. Decorate with foliage, flowers, hanging candle baubles or use it as a support for our macrame or ribbon hangings.


Birch Arch

The silver birch arch is a lovely simple shape which can be simply draped, flowered up or left plain. It sits in two support boxes which can be finished with fabric or filled with flowers or foliage.


Grey wooden arch

Our simple wooden arch is shaded grey for a vintage look. It lends itself to use indoors and outdoors and works well with flowers, foliage or fabric. It is also a great support for our ribbon or macrame backdrops or for hanging items from.


Ribbon Backdrop

Some ribbon backdrops are more 'oh dear' than 'oh wow'. Luckily ours ticks all the boxes with carefully slected colour combinations as well as plenty of differing textures. Shown here in pink, cream and gold the ribbons can be changed to your own colour requests.


Macrame Backdrop

Our beautiful hand made macrame backdrop can be hung from either our copper or grey wood arch or used as a wall hanging. 6' x 6'