Hanging Items

Willow Hoop

Hoops can be from 20cm to HUGE! They can be fully covered, loose and wild, have candles, flowers etc hanging from them, be mounted vertically and used as a support for draping fabric - the ideas are endless.

from £4, 90cm hoop is from £50

Macrame Backdrop

To add more items to this collection, click the + button that appears to the right of the final item when hovering your mouse over this block.

Macrame Wall Hanging

You can change the number of items shown on each row by clicking on the Change Layout icon. This can be found on the right hand toolbar.

Dream Catchers

A selection of dream catchers - hang on the wall or from oneof our arches.

from £3

Ribbon Backdrop

Ribbon backdrops can be made in just about any colour combination. They work so well attached to one of our arches or to the wall. Also gorgeous in a doorway and tied back to really make an entrance.



Draping Fabric

We can supply draping or hanging fabric in lengths of up to 20m, We hand dye our fabric so the colour choice is huge.

Ceiling Hoops

These hoops come in various sizes up to 300cm diameter and can be hung horizontally. We often add hanging flowers, pine cones, Christmas decorations or candle baubles.

from £110

Hanging Heart

A beautiful twiggy heart that can be hung or just propped.

Willow Heart

A good solid willow heart which can be finished with the ribbon of your choice and used as a wall hanging.