Furniture & Seating

Chesterfield Sofa

 3 seater oxblood classic sofa 


Chesterfield Chairs

A pair of oxblood captains chesterfield chairs


Pair of Cream Fabric Tubs

A pair of comfy cream tub chairs


Straw Bales

Straw bales covered with coffee bags or fleece covers.


Wood Chip Bales

Wood chip bales with coffee bag ior fleece covers.


Whisky Barrels

So many uses for whisky barrels - use to display flowers, poseaur table, support shelf...........


Signing Table

2' wide x 3' long


Market Barrow

Green market barrow


Chest of Drawers

Lovely vintage chest of drawers


Side Tables

Great selectionof side tables including our lovely ammo boxes


Moroccan Tray Table

Vintage tray table 


Lounging Set

Your choice of 1 x sofa, 2 x chairs, 2 x side tables, 1 x coffee table, 1 x vintage rug, 3 x copper jugs filled with foliage.



A pair of sturdy and very jolly deckchairs.


£12 for pair

Pair of Directors Chairs

A pair of directors chairs, perfect to pair up with the deckchairs

£12 for pair

Purple Velvet Sofa

2 seater purple sofa


Coffee Tables

A selection of coffee tables including wicker and vintage trunks.


Blue Velvet Sofa

3 seater blue velvet sofa


Wicker Chairs

A selection of wicker chairs

£30.00 each

Velvet Boudoir Chairs

boudoir chairs in blush and gold

£15.00 each

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